Eternally North by Tillie Cole

In the next of my Tillie Cole reviews, the focus is on Geordie RomCom novel Eternally North. As an English girl myself Eternally North has to be one of my favourite stories purely on the amount of British humour it contains and the absolutely fabulous characters, particularly Tash and Tink….you can never have too much glitter!


Eternally North by Tillie Cole

Natasha Munro is your typical twenty eight year old girl, well, your typical twenty eight year old Geordie: curvy, fun and a whole load of fab-u-lous. Her life is all going to plan — good job, great friends, close family and a loving boyfriend — until an unexpected event turns everything on its head.

Nursing a broken heart and decked head to toe in tasselled chaps and rhinestones, Natasha and her flamboyant fairy of a gay best friend, Tink, uproot from their Northern nest, throw caution to the wind and embark on a new life together in Canada — the land of Rocky mountains, Maple Syrup, oh, and an ‘in-between movies’ Hollywood mega-star.

Enter infamous bad-boy of the big screen, Tudor North.

Bonafide hunk and actor-extraordinaire.

Tudor is big, brooding and gorgeous and is harbouring a deep secret. Tudor’s cold and intimidating demeanour successfully keeps everyone at bay, that is everyone but a certain Ms Munro. It soon becomes clear, what with her smart mouth and lusciously ample arse, that Natasha proves more than a match for the emotionally distant star.

Will Natasha and Tink settle into their new life abroad?

Will Natasha ever find her fairytale happy ending?

Can a movie star and an ordinary girl ever really make it work?

Or will the secrets lurking in Tudor`s past threaten her chance at happiness?

Addictive, hilarious and heart warming. A fast paced comedic journey of self discovery, unyielding friendship and of course, a suitable dose of slap and tickle.

Warning: contains a foul-mouthed voluptuous Brit, a self-named ‘Friggin’ Fantastic Fairy’ and an abundance of bulging muscles and tattoos.


If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted and completely lovable book this summer then you’ve just found it! Written about a couple of fabulous Geordies who move continents to start afresh, Eternally North is a fresh new take on the old fashioned RomCom with bags of glitter, quirkiness and British sarcasm.

Natasha (Tash) Munro is a secondary school teacher with a low-life boyfriend. After catching said boyfriend in a… err *cough* compromising position, Tash packs her bags and asks the universe for a sign on what to do next. A Jane Austen quote and a run-in with a homeless man later, Tash finds herself at her best friend John’s house – or as he’s more commonly known as Tink! As you can probably guess Tink is quite fabulously gay, and has been Tash’s BFF since they both were forced to join the victims of bullying group at school. I have to say at this point how amazing Tash and John’s nicknames are – Wilbur and Tink! Tash was fat in school and John was gay, causing them to name each other Wilbur (as in the pig character from Charlotte’s Web) and Tinkerbell (as in the fairy from Peter Pan)!! Some of the pig and fairy related terms of endearment thrown around had me laughing all day – the humour in this book is amazing! But back to the story…

Tash tells Tink all about her now ex boyfriend and his antics and vows to live her life to the full from now on. After several drinks of Tink’s concoction they come up with the brilliant idea to move abroad for a year – if they like it, they stay but if they don’t they return to Newcastle. They let the television and fate decide and end up moving to Calgary, Canada.

Tash gets a great job at a posh school and though her classroom decorations were looked down on (who doesn’t love a mini henry hoover for your desk?!), she’s soon asked to take charge of some problem girls after school using performing arts to conquer their problems (cue the Lady Gaga dance routines!). In this class she meets the shy but lovely Boleyn Jones, who she helps to bring out of her shell.

One fateful night Tash and Tink decide to paint the town red meaning a whole lot of fake tan, short skirts, fake eyelashes, hair extensions and glitter descended onto Calgary. Meeting Tink at the restaurant he works at, Tash enters at the back greeting the staff with her usual drunken antics, only to discover her student Boleyn is there eating with her family, and unfortunately, wants her to join them! And who just happens to be Boleyn’s big brother? None other than Hollywood’s own Tudor North, brooding bad-boy and gorgeous hunk of a man! After a couple more run-ins (literally) Tash and Tudor soon become inseparable but after a series of events regarding Tudor’s past and how he’s dealing with it things become strained. Eternally North tells the tale of Tash and Tinks’ adventure in the cold climbs of Canada and their new found love of their home and the men they find there. You play witness to both Tash and Tudor’s growing love affair and Tudor’s secrets – but the question is, will Tudor ever tell Tash the truth? And will their relationship survive the fallout?

There are so many elements to this book to fall in love with – the story, the language, the characters. Each character in this book you can’t help but fall in love with, whether it’s because their so relatable or just down-right hilarious! Tink the flamboyant fairy BFF comes out with the most amazing comments sometimes – and the pig related names (“my little pork scratching, pork chop…”) are so ingenious I found myself laughing like a loon! Tash is just so Geordie! With her love of fake-tan, drinking for England and her witty humour, she makes for a fab-u-lous heroine. I really enjoyed reading her thoughts and her dialogue – she’s such a refreshing female lead with her no bullshit attitude. Her parents are equally as brilliant, especially her overly Scottish Dad! As for the Norths, Tudor is just what you want in a hunky book-boyfriend and his secret just makes your heart melt for him! The rest of Tudor’s family are pretty great too, especially Boleyn and Tate (who I’m classing as Tudor’s family!) who are both so sweet and completely lovable.

I guess the main reason I’m in love with this book is the way it’s written. With such witty sometimes sarcastic commentary, and other times rather Geordie language and humour you can’t help but fall in love with them all – though for those non-Brits amongst you fretting about not understanding the jokes, don’t worry this book will still have you laughing out loud and definitely will not disappoint. At the end of this book I was near ready to bow down to author Tillie Cole for her pure writing skill and awesome use of language! The story itself is pretty brilliant too and would make for an amazing summer holiday read with its refreshing humour and yumminess.

Eternally North is sheer brilliance – with witty humour, relatable quirky characters and a storyline which will have you gripped and begging for more, this is a book I can’t recommend enough. So lather on the fake tan, stick on your eyelashes, and get ready to slut drop in a whole lot of glitter because this is definitely a must read!

Read Eternally North by Tillie Cole for yourself by visiting… (UK) or (USA)

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