I Got A Mouse Pregnant

Ok so I haven’t really got a mouse pregnant….yet. But maybe in a few more weeks I will do…ok, let me start at the beginning…

So I’m back at university and I’m already bogged down with work which is why my number of posts (or lack of) has been appalling recently! But I’m hoping things will die down a little bit soon so I can get back to writing again. So what have I been up to? Well I went on holiday which was great but I got stung in the leg by a giant Turkish Bee and then I got severe food poisoning from eating raw/bad turkey meat…whilst in Turkey – oh the irony. Then I came home only to unpack my clothes, wash them and then repack them before heading back down to uni.

My uni house is damp already and it’s only October, our kitchen tap is just violent, our back gate doesn’t lock, the ignition on the hob doesn’t work and this morning I managed to lock myself in my bedroom meaning my housemate had to catch my room keys that I threw out my window so she could unlock the door for me from the outside….awkward. So as you can tell, things are going brilliantly already. On the plus side my old iPhone broke so I upgraded to the new iPhone 6 – exciting times – but now I’m addicted to playing The Sims Freeplay because it just looks so good on my new bigger screen! Plus I really want to get to the new Pirate quest…

So yes things are just spiffing, but how am I defying biological laws and knocking a mouse up I hear you ask? Well it’s my final year of university (cue petrified screaming) and that means it’s dissertation time. Last week I found out that I’m going to be doing my lab research on IVF techniques, mainly using liquid nitrogen (now cue horrified screaming at the thought of freezing my arm off) to freeze embryos. But of course I can’t do all of this on human eggs so I’m going to be using mice – controversial to some yes but I’m not actually harming any mice I’m studying the differences between freezing older mothers’ eggs and young mothers’ eggs and seeing if the technique is more successful for one age group over another. My lab are hoping to use this research to create better IVF techniques that will produce more successful pregnancies in mature women – definitely a worthwhile cause if you ask me! So I’m pretty excited, yet terrified, to get started – who knows in a few weeks I could be responsible for knocking up a lot of mice! Not something a lot of people can claim, huh?!

But that’s about it for the moment, no drastic life updates to report. Although, I have read some pretty awesome books recently – stay tuned for my updates on those! As always let me know what you think in the comments, have you done or are you doing anything interesting for your dissertation? Tell me your stories below!

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