Enslaved by the Ocean by Bella Jewel

So very soon Where Darkness Lies by Bella Jewel is going to be published and I thought to prepare myself fully for it’s brilliance I’d re-read and review the first book in the Criminals of the Ocean series – Enslaved by the Ocean. Here’s the blurb…


Enslaved by the Ocean

Indigo has a troubled past and there’s no denying it. Tired of being scared, she sets sail aboard a private yacht, hopeful that the open waters of the Atlantic will give her and best friend Eric a much-needed respite.

As if trouble followed her, the yacht catches fire. Stranded in the ocean, cold, hungry, desperate, and alone, Eric and Indi struggle to survive.

Just when they think things couldn’t get much worse, they are captured, held hostage by a band of modern-day pirates. Now they’re in even more trouble than they could have ever imagined.

What Indigo couldn’t have predicted is how broodingly handsome Hendrix, their captain, is. The moment Indi lays eyes on him, she feels sparks fly and a carnal attraction she’s never felt before. Hendrix is pure alpha male: hotter than hot, determined, powerful, and hard to crack.

Hendrix has plans for Indi, dark plans that will put her life at risk. If only Indi could connect with him, it might be more than just lust on the line…it might save her life.

Enslaved by the Ocean is a steamy romance and the first in the Criminals of the Ocean series.


Having never read a pirate book before I went into reading this with a completely open mind. I was expecting to read some back-in-day swashbuckling adventures but as it says in the blurb this is a tale full of modern-day pirates and not the kind you find in Pirates of the Caribbean. They’re the kind that use mobile phones and computer tracking systems…though oh course they still use guns and swords, and even wear head bandanas! Not forgetting the tattoos, crude language and the panty-dropping winking *sigh*.

The story begins with our heroine Indigo (awesome name!) running off to her new life in England away from her past. Her best friend Eric, a very black-and-white guy agrees to accompany her to London on business before heading back home. Of course getting a plane there would be far too easy so instead Indigo hires a yacht to sail them over deciding the adventure and the ocean air will be good for her. A couple of days into the trip tragedy strikes and their yacht catches on fire, killing the captain and leaving Indi and Eric alone on the life boat. Starved, sun burnt and on the verge of insanity they’re both relieved when they catch sight of a ship in the distance….until they spot the black flag decorated with a skull and crossbones flying from the mast.

Once aboard they meet the elusive Captain Hendrix, a man fierce enough to strike terror into any passing sailor. Expecting someone older with an eye patch and a beard Indi is shocked when she meets the piercing eyes of the young and devastatingly handsome Hendrix. Thrown into the cells they’re left to pass the rest of the journey only with the same four walls and each other for company….along with Hendrix’s last words – Indi is to be sold to settle a debt and Eric to be used as leverage for her good behaviour.

Left with the terrifying future of being forced into slavery Indi comes up with a plan – if she can make Hendrix feel something for her, to show some kind of emotion, then surely he wouldn’t be able to sell her. But what Indi wasn’t expecting was to feel something back…how can you have feelings for your captor, a man willing to sell you to another man as payment?

Maybe it has something to do with the awesome-waterfall-on-a-beautiful-tropical-island-sex? Just saying, can’t hurt can it?… 😉

This book was so much better than I was expecting, obviously anything from Bella Jewel is going to be brilliant but this story was a lot deeper and more complex than the quick pirate romp I thought at first. Both Indigo and Hendrix were brilliant characters, Indi’s sass and no bullshit attitude made for great reading and trying to solve Hendrix’s complex character was definitely one of my favourite past times! A tough exterior paired with a troubled past which still haunts him, Hendrix was one tough nut to crack but his way with words and alpha male attitude towards Indi is enough to make any pair of panties drop.

I thought the secondary characters were great too, Jess is a real sweetheart and provides another outlet to showcase Hendrix’s sweeter side and the other pirates like GG and Drake made reading the scenes containing the rum a lot more fun too! However, Eric’s character did annoy me, he came across as a bit of a coward and an all around annoying wet blanket – he seemed to care more about himself than Indi when she was the one being sold! But then if all the males were as yummy and alpha as Hendrix then how could you choose between them?!

Full of passion, heartache, and swashbuckling adventures Enslaved by the Ocean will leave you high and dry and begging for more. If you love cocky alpha pirates, bad pirate jokes and panty melting scenes of seduction then this is the book for you!

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