Sinful Deal by Jessa Jacobs

release day 1.jpgToday is the start of another brilliant Serial – Full Tilt Billionaire by Jessa Jacobs!! Book one in the serial Sinful Deal is out today! The cards have been dealt….are you ready to play?




“I was minding my own business, using my skill to win enough money at the blackjack tables to pay off my student debt, when I noticed someone else was minding my business, too.

He was hot, he looked ultra-rich, and he had no reason to notice me. So why was he stalking me from table to table? I thought I might be in trouble for winning too much.

I had no idea how much trouble it would turn out to be.”

Sinful Deal is Part One of Full Tilt Billionaire, a Billionaire Erotic Romance novella presented in serial format. It is not a standalone. Expect a cliffhanger!


What a way to start off the serial!! This first part sets the scene and introduces our main characters beautifully, I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Tara is desperately trying to pay off her student loans and get into grad school. Needing the money and fast she takes the risk and puts her eidetic memory to use at the casino’s. One night everything is going to plan, until she notices a man has been following her every move all night. A devilishly handsome man at that.

Marc has been watching Tara all night. He’s got a proposal for her to consider – one that will benefit the both of them. Will Tara be tempted – and not just by the deal?

Loved this start to the serial. There is naturally a cliffhanger and trust me when I say you’ll be begging for more. Captivating from start to finish this isn’t a serial to be missed!

Read Sinful Deal for yourself here….

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As soon as I said it, I knew I phrased it improperly. Her face drained of color and she began backing away.

“Wait, I didn’t mean it like that,” I said. Worried she’d turn and bolt, I grabbed her wrist, making her gasp.

“Let go of me or I’ll scream.”


I spared a brief thought for the disaster that would bring and released her, holding my hands up, palms facing her in surrender. “Please. I don’t mean you any harm and I really didn’t mean what it sounded like.” I smiled. That had been known to win over a reluctant woman or two in the past. It worked on Tara, too, as she relaxed.

“You’ve been following me all night,” she accused. “What do you want?”




About Jessa Jacobs

Like you, I’m a reader. When I read a good story with characters I can connect with, my everyday existence fades into the background as I enter a world that may contain exotic locations, adventure and excitement. And, if I can be totally honest with you, in my favorite stories I can fall in love for a while with an impossibly gorgeous guy who is the best lover imaginable.

So, maybe it won’t come as a surprise that in my books you’ll find hot alpha male book-boyfriends, sassy heroines who are much more clever and beautiful than I am, and stories I hope will make you laugh and cry while reading them, as I did while writing them. Oh, and some scenes you may want to role-play with your lover.


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