Final Table (Full Tilt Billionaire #5) by Jessa Jacobs

The last instalment of the Full Tilt Billionaire series, Final Table by Jessa Jacobs is out today! A great ending to this series – can’t wait for more from Jessa!


PART Five – Final Table



I was on my own.

My friend, my coach, my lover – Marc – was lost to me. And worse, if I wanted to keep playing toward the World Championship, I would face him across a poker table sooner or later.

Could I win against him at our game, when I’d lost the only thing I wanted from him?

What will be the final outcome?

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As the last book in the series Final Table picks up where book 4 ended with Tara desperately trying to get things back on track with Marc. When he turns her away yet again she decides enough is enough and enters the big tournament alone.

Marc has been dealing with his own demons. His family pressuring him to choose a suitable girl to marry he has no choice but to turn up to the tournaments with his new woman on his arm – right in front of Tara. Now entering the same tournament they will undoubtedly have to face each other eventually but the later they have to do that the better. But when Marc’s brother’s dealings put them in danger yet again Marc must decide whether to continue the life his family have chosen for him or give it up for Tara instead – will they both be able to escape unscathed?

So sad to see this series come to an end! Loved Tara and Marc’s story and this last instalment really packs a punch, a great way to finish the series! Can’t wait to read more from Ms Jacobs!

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Like you, I’m a reader. When I read a good story with characters I can connect with, my everyday existence fades into the background as I enter a world that may contain exotic locations, adventure and excitement. And, if I can be totally honest with you, in my favorite stories I can fall in love for a while with an impossibly gorgeous guy who is the best lover imaginable.

So, maybe it won’t come as a surprise that in my books you’ll find hot alpha male book-boyfriends, sassy heroines who are much more clever and beautiful than I am, and stories I hope will make you laugh and cry while reading them, as I did while writing them. Oh, and some scenes you may want to role-play with your lover.

Why not take a chance? All of my stories are perfect for a lunch-break escape, and priced less than a cup of coffee. In fact, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, they won’t cost you another dime, so take as many as you want! They’re calorie-free, too!

If you’d like to know more about me, my books, or special offers for free reading, please check my website at I’m also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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