Bewildered (Irrationally His #2) by Jessa Jacobs

Stepbrother romance serial, Irrationally His, continues today with book two Bewildered by Jessa Jacobs. This is one hot cowboy you don’t want to miss out on!




What had gotten into me? As a student, I’d sketched nudes before. Not once had I been tempted to have sex with any of them. Not even the really hot ones. It was as plain as the sexy tattoo on Travis’s shoulder that I was out of control and getting worse by the minute.

I wasn’t sure what this was, but I couldn’t seem to stop, and Travis didn’t make it any easier with his constant temptations. I couldn’t help but feel it wouldn’t end well, and yet, I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I knew how that usually turned out.

We were playing a dangerous game, one where I knew I could be hurt. But was it fair that innocent bystanders could also get hurt?

Bewildered is Part Two of the serial romance, Irrationally His. It is approximately 66 pages according to Amazon’s estimate, or about 20,000 words. It is not a standalone as it contains a cliffhanger.

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After her photo session with Travis, Chelsea is feeling a little hot under the collar. Now knowing more than ever she doesn’t want her relationship with Travis to end, she’s excited to begin her art sessions with him. But he’s her stepbrother and if their parents ever found out it would not only ruin their parents’ anniversary but also their family.

As the festivities continue both Chelsea and Travis must navigate their new found relationship whilst hiding it from everyone else as well as dealing with Chelsea’s past and jealous ranch hands. What could possibly go wrong?

Wow! Ms Jacobs has really stepped it up in book 2. Chelsea & Travis are really feeling the heat and I can’t wait to read what happens with them next! Their story took a turn I wasn’t expecting but I’m excited to see where it leads next – bring on book 3.

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Photographing my stepbrother in action on his horse that afternoon had given me quite a few images I thought would be marketable, and the nude sketch was incredible, if I said so myself. Of course, I was ignoring the elephant in the room.

What had gotten into me? As a student, I’d sketched nudes before. Not once had I been tempted to give any of them a blow job. Not even the really hot ones. It was as plain as the sexy tattoo on Travis’s shoulder that I was out of control and getting worse by the minute.

How had I gone in less than a week from being enraged that he’d seen me topless to the state I found myself in tonight? Despite the incredible sex here in my room the other night, despite the shattering orgasm he’d given me with his tongue this afternoon, I was too keyed up to sleep. All I wanted was for him to knock on my door again tonight.

He probably wouldn’t. I’d thrown myself at him this afternoon, and though he cooperated—hell, he’d joined in with gusto—I already knew he was just playing with me for a good time.

After our parents’ wedding anniversary, he’d leave the ranch and that would be that. And I’d agreed to it. After all, what could come of falling for him? We’d never get away with pursuing a relationship in the open. That would just be too weird.

Too restless to sleep, I checked the time. It was late, but my bestie was in a later time zone. Maybe she’d still be up. I took the chance.

“It’s about time you called me, bitch,” she said, instead of ‘hello’.

“I know. What’s it been, twelve hours? You must have thought I’d died or something,” I answered in kind.

“I did. I totally thought you’d died. Seriously, I’ve been pacing the floor all day wondering how the posing project went. Was he willing?” Cozy’s tone was eager. Was she getting off on this? The bitch!

Was he willing, hmmm. How should I answer that? I’d barely suggested he pose nude when he was out of his clothes like a flash, all that yummy man-flesh on display…


“Yeah? That’s all you have to say? Spill it, slut, or I’ll…”

“Okay, yes! He was more than willing. Oh, my God, Cozy, he’s… Well, just wait ‘til you see the paintings.”

“Fuck the paintings, send me the photos.” She laughed, and I couldn’t blame her. I’d already described his chiseled chest and abs, and in fact had revealed he was endowed with a well above-average package.

“I can send you the best photos, but he wouldn’t let me take any of him nude. All I have is a sketch.”

“NUDE! DAMN, girl!”

I pulled the phone away from my ear just in time to keep from having my eardrum burst from her exclamation. When I could hear she’d settled down, I put it back.

“I told you I was going to ask him.”

“I didn’t believe you. You slut! What did he say? How did it happen?” Cozy was always one to want the juicy details, and I had plenty to give her.

“Well, I’d had him take his shirt off for the second round of action photos, on the horse. When we were done, he stretched out on the blanket and…”

“And what? Don’t tease me, girl.”

“Hold your horses. Jeez. Wait, I need to go back…”

I reminded her he’d said it in jest when I first brought up the subject, asking me if I wanted him to pose in the nude. Then I told her about the conversation we’d had about how much the paintings might bring.

“Honestly, Cozy, it was weird. Like the money wouldn’t mean anything to him. But I did downplay it a bit. He asked how much a nude of him might bring. I told him a couple of thousand.”

“What kind of cut were you offering him?” she asked, ever the finance guru.

“We’d talked about ten percent of the other ones. He’d probably want fifteen or twenty for the nudes. Even though the risk of our parents ever seeing them would be small. But honestly? I think they could go for five-k. You should see it.”

“It meaning his cock?”

“It meaning the sketch, skank. Jeez, Cozy, when did you turn into such a perv?”

“I’ve always been a perv, and so have you. The difference is, I admit it.”

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