Best Served Cold by Emma Hart – Cover Reveal!


Best Served Cold, an all-new standalone romantic comedy from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Emma Hart is coming September 25th!




Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Which is a real problem when the attraction runs red-hot.

Ice-cream store owner Raelynn Fortune has everything but her last name—fortune.

Despite living in a Floridian hotspot for tourists, she just can’t get her business back off the ground. And she knows why.

Her rival store next door is run by nobody other than her ex, and with his fancy-schmancy concoctions, he’s taking all the clients two generations of her family cultivated. Never mind that Raelynn taught him all he knows, and his revenge for her breaking up with him was putting her plans into reality—and her almost out of business.

But, she has a plan. The height of the season is just two weeks away, and she’s tired of playing second fiddle to her ex. She’s going to take back her crown as the queen of ice cream, even if it means getting close to Chase once again.

After all, all is fair in love and war, and you know what they say about keeping your enemies close…

Although maybe Chase is a little too close…


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About Emma Hart

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.

She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.

Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.

Yes, really. She’s that sarcastic.


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Being Brooke by Emma Hart

I think Brooke may be my spirit animal – is that a thing? Well I’m making it a thing. You have to read Being Brooke – Right, NOW!






Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00027]

My name is Brooke Barker…

And I’m a freaking disaster.

No, seriously. I’m a college drop-out working a dead-end job, my best friend Carly’s dog gets more action than I do, and I have more bad dates in my diary than there are movie remakes.

Not to mention I’m completely and utterly in love with Cain Elliott.

The problem? He’s in a relationship. With a girl who’s so plastic she makes Barbie cry herself to sleep with jealousy.

The second problem? He’s my best friend.

My shut-up-and-put-harry-potter, yes-this-is-your-shirt, help-I-have-no-power, crap-I’m-out-of-tampon, kinda best friend.

And that’s all he can be, right?


Being Brooke is a standalone romantic comedy. Hilarious, super-sexy, and possibly highly inappropriate at times, this is the perfect feel-good read!


I was so excited to start this book and it really didn’t disappoint. Brooke is just fabulous – I love everything about her, the way she thinks, the things she says, just  everything! Brooke is utterly hilarious and I really enjoyed reading her story. I must have laughed out loud a million different times whilst reading this (I got a few weird looks on the train with this!) Brooke has been in love with her best friend Cain for years but he has never felt the same. Their friends and family all know about her feelings and have told her that one day he’ll wake up and realise but after his numerous girlfriends it doesn’t look like he’s going to wake up anytime soon. Especially now he’s dating  Miss fake and whiny – or public enemy number one as far as Brooke is concerned. Brooke knows he’s making a big mistake dating that girl, can she convince him that maybe they’re meant to be more than just best friends? This has be one of the best books of the year purely because it was just so funny, if this doesn’t put a smile on your face then, well, there’s something wrong with you. Trust me when I say you need this in your life – read it now!


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Cain’s phone begins to buzz on the table. The screen lights up, and the short name on the screen makes me have to fight a frown.

I know it’s Nina. It always is. It’s like she has a Brooke-dar. She can sense whenever Cain and I are alone and hanging out.

My heart sinks, slowly but heavily, and I school my expression into one of not caring. I refuse to look away from the TV now.

Cain hands me his pizza box, which I take, begrudgingly, then he leans forward and grabs his phone. He waits for the buzzing to stop, then unlocks it and turns it off vibrate.

Then? Then he shoves it under the table, screen down.

Ho. Lee. Shit.

I gape at him. I can’t help it.

A piece of pepperoni drops off the slice of pizza in my hand—the same one that’s frozen halfway to my mouth as I stare at him in total disbelief. Did he really just do it?

“What?” Cain shrugs and takes his box back, grabbing a piece of half-eaten, meaty pizza and shoving the end in his mouth. The crust crunches as he bites down.

I swallow and glance at the coffee table. “I don’t think you’ve ever not taken a call from her.” I can’t help the derogatory way I say ’her’. It’s not intentional—honest. It’s ingrained in me to be vicious to other women. I think it’s a female thing. Self-preservation and all that.

“I don’t think I ever haven’t either.” Cain tilts his head to the side and meets my gaze, a suspicious glint in his green eyes. “But the point is, we haven’t done this in weeks, and I’m having too much fun to leave. Besides, we have all this junk food. If I don’t help you eat it, you’ll eat it all, then it’ll be my fault when your pants don’t fit.”

Oh my god.

“Does she know you’re here?” I smirk slyly and raise my eyebrows.

He shifts uncomfortably. With a cough, he puts his pizza down and grabs his beer bottle to swig from it.

Oh. My. Shitty. Life.

“She doesn’t, does she?” I sit up straight, throwing my half-slice back into my box and shoving his shoulder. “Cain!”

“No,” he mumbles, scratching the back of his ear. “She doesn’t know.”

I laugh. I can’t help it. It’s totally immature of me to delight in the fact he hasn’t told the Prissy Princess where is he and he’s ignoring her calls, but I do. It’s hilarious.

And, okay. I’m smug. Totally smug. There’s only one reason he hasn’t told her, and that’s because she hates me too.

Bitchy Best Friend Mission: Level Up!

“And tell me.” I snicker, just about holding back the volcano of laughter threatening to erupt. “Where does Nina think you are?”

“She thinks I’m at Mom’s.” He looks at me, his lips flattening into a thin line. “Stop laughing, B. No, don’t shake your damn head. I fucking mean it. She’s a little insecure over my friendship with you and Carly, that’s all. Sometimes it’s easier to just tell a… little white lie.”

“A little white lie? She thinks you’re at your mom’s!” I laugh harder and wipe at my eyes because they feel a little too wet.

“I just want the best of both worlds right now, all right?”

“What is the best of both worlds? Pizza with me and blow jobs from her?”

“She chooses not to eat gluten. Until she finds a gluten-free recipe she likes, I can’t eat pizza when she’s around.”

Which is a lot.

I raise my eyebrows again. “Your girlfriend won’t eat gluten but she’ll happily put your dick in her mouth?”

“Brooke. Don’t be a bitch.” He chucks a piece of chicken from his pizza at me, his eyes narrowing.

I’m dying. I think this is it—this is how I die, laughing at Cain’s lame excuses for lying to his girlfriend about spending time with me.

“Oh my fuck. This is hilarious. Seriously. Someone call Comedy Central.”

“Brooke.” He says my name again, this time quieter.

I stop laughing. Just about.

“I’m sorry. I just think it’s funny. You want me to be nice to her but you lie to her about spending time with me.” I shrug a shoulder and peel a piece of pepperoni off my pizza. I’m not even that hungry anymore.

He sighs, putting the top down on his box, and sits back. “She thinks there’s something going on between us.”

I laugh even harder because I might cry if I don’t.

Hi, breaking heart. Grab the tissues, yo.

There’s an awkward silence hanging between us now. It’s not the first time someone has thought that, but given that the more time I spend with Cain, the more I seem to fall for him, it’s awkward. Especially since he’s lying to her just to hang out with me.

I clear my throat and look up at him. “That’s ridiculous. You’re my best friend. Like anything would ever happen between us. I can’t put up with your shit taste in music, for a start.”

“Exactly,” he replies in a quieter voice, scratching behind his ear again. “It’s fucking stupid. I can’t stand your taste in music either. Who the fuck likes Justin Bieber?”

“People who think Kanye West should retire.”



About The Author


By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies—usually wine—and writes books.

Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.

She likes to be busy—unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.



Good Girl vs Bad Boy by Jessie Evans

  Another brilliant read for you today! Check it out!

Let the battle of the sexes begin… He’s hot, wild, unpredictable, untamable, and her best friend’s older brother.

Colton Brody is everything a good girl like Phoebe Page should avoid. But since her sister Kelly’s death, Phoebe isn’t as worried about being good as she used to be. She wants to live big with no regrets, the way Kelly did, and she intends to start with having a top secret, super steamy, no-strings-attached holiday fling with the man she’s crushed on her entire life.

What could go wrong?

Except everything?

Wounded in action and discharged without a chance to prove himself, all Colton cares about is getting back into the Marine Corps where he belongs. He will not get sucked into small town drama, will not take that promotion at the firehouse, and certainly won’t fall in love with his little sister’s best friend. He’s down for friends-with-benefits, nothing more, and plans to leave town long before quirky, bossy, cute-as-a-button Phoebe can get under his skin.

He is in control.

At least until a certain sexy brunette turns his world upside down.

It isn’t long before Colton finds himself buying flowers, talking feelings, and wishing Phoebe wanted more than another night of hot, no-holds-barred sex. Because when he’s with Phoebe even hot and dirty feels like making love.

Now Colton will have to decide what’s worth fighting for—the dreams a plane crash stole from him or the dream he’s holding in his arms. 

WARNING: Good Girl vs. Bad Boy contains a mix of heart-warming romance, quirky characters, laugh out loud moments, and blisteringly hot banging. If you don’t like hot sex, laughter, mentions of humping unicorns, turkey bowling, off-beat town rituals, or graphic descriptions of artisanal pancakes, steer clear.



I absolutely loved this book! So so funny and utterly brilliant! 

After Pheobe’s sister tragically passes away she moves back home into her sisters old place and decides to continue on her sisters memory. Deciding to embrace her way of life, she decides to live with no regrets and be as crazy as she likes. And if that means getting it on with her best friends brother then why not?!

Having been discharged from the marine corps after being wounded in action Colton is determined to get back in again. He loves being at home with his family and working as a fireman but he still wants to prove he has what it takes. But when Pheobe comes home and offers him a no strings relationship he can’t help but be sucked in.

What started as some harmless fun just got a lot more complicated. Despite their growing feelings Colton still wants to return to the marines; will he be able to settle down with Pheobe or will he leave and never look back?

I absolutely LOVED this book! It’s just so funny and their chemistry is fab! I really loved Pheobe and Colton too – Pheobe’s interesting choice of PJs was pretty epic too! Definitely a must read!



Coming Soon




Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessie Evans, gave up a career as an international woman of mystery to write the sexy, contemporary romances she loves to read.

She’s married to the man of her dreams, and together they’re raising a few adorable, mischievous children in a cottage in the jungle. She grew up in rural Arkansas, spending summers running wild, being chewed by chiggers, and now appreciates her home in a chigger-free part of the world even more.

When she’s not writing, Jessie enjoys playing her dulcimer (badly), sewing the worlds ugliest quilts to give to her friends, going for bike rides with her house full of boys, and drifting in and out on the waves, feeling thankful for sun, surf, and lovely people to share them with. 

Learn more at

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Switch by Jennifer Ryder

 Today book 5 in the Spark series by Jennifer Ryder, Switch  is released! Check out this beauty!





With an ex fiancé leaving her in debt, breaking up with her girlfriend and struggling to find a place she can afford, Sophie McKenna has hit an all-time low. Everyone thinks she’s a lesbian, and she likes it that way, but her estranged parents know better.

The foul-mouthed motocross mechanic, Rocco De Luca, only has his incarcerated brother left. Every day is a battle of the mind and of the bottle. Tequila and easy women soothe the pain, but they never fill the void.

Rocco doesn’t mind offering his spare room to the hot lesbian he refers to as ‘Suds’. She won’t be clingy, far from it, and he’s keen on the idea of getting to see a bit of girl on girl action.

With such volatile personalities under the same roof, and being in April and Spencer’s wedding party, they both have to learn to get along, even though they can’t stand each other.

He never thought he might actually grow to like her.She never thought she might actually hate him less.





I love this series so I was really excited to start  this one. The blurb really intrigued me too. Sophie has just broken things off with her girlfriend. She wants to settle down and start a family but her ex only wanted to focus on her career. Heart broken but determined to find her happiness Sophie moves in with her best friend and her boyfriend.

Though she loves her BFF, she isn’t so keen on the sofa bed nor the thin walls between her and the love birds’ bedroom. In fact she’s so desperate for somewhere with a mattress she agrees to move in with her arch nemesis Rocco.

He’s loud, crass and a complete player – their big personalities have always clashed. But he thinks she’s a lesbian so she thought she’d be safe from his charm. Oh how wrong she was.

As they grow closer they realise that they have more in common than they thought, and their chemistry is off the charts. But Rocco has more going on than he’s letting on. Will they be able to pull through it together and put the energy they put into fighting into loving each other instead?

Really Loved this book!! It was funny, emotional, HOT and a real roller-coaster! Absolutely love the characters too. A real 5 star read!

Read it for yourself here….

Also Available










If I poke him, will it be like waking an angry bear? I’m tempted, but I won’t. That’d be a bitchy thing to do. We might be living under the same roof, but we lead separate lives. And that’s how I want it. Completely separate. Removed. His business is his, and mine is mine. I take a step backward and step on something metal. I crouch down and pick up a spoon. I look around underneath the coffee table, and find an empty glass bowl with remnants of green an inch below the rim.

Snatching up the bowl, the cruel absence of what I was planning to eat when I got home tonight mocks me.

The motherfucker ate my jelly.

“Hey,” I bark out with a hard shove to his shoulder.

Rocco grumbles and swings his head back violently, one eye open as he searches me out. “Who the … what the fuck?” he hisses. Rolling onto his side, he props himself up and falls back into the couch cushions and runs his fingers down his face. His dark brown, almost-black eyes drill me, as he runs his tongue over his bottom teeth. The whites of his eyes are scattered with red, and beads of sweat lace his brow and down the sides of his face. He looks like shit. More accurately, he looks like someone who greedily smashed a bottle of primo tequila last night.

“You ate my jelly,” I say, shoving the bowl towards him.

He shrugs and his lip curls to the side. “I was hungry,” he says with a challenging gaze.

“You were fucking hungry? I haven’t been here even twenty-four hours and you’re helping yourself to my food?”

He scoffs, and I want to punch him in the face.

“It’s jelly,” he says, with a roll of his eyes. “It’s like a dollar or some shit. I’ll buy a packet. Bloody hell, I’ll buy two. No need to get your fuckin’ panties in a bunch.”

He sits up and rakes his fingers back through the longer strands of dark hair on the top of his head. He slouches farther into the couch, one hand scratching at the faded black T-shirt adorning his chest, the other hand sliding between his legs and adjusting himself.

Fucking men.

“I’m not pissed about the fact it costs bugger all. I don’t touch your shit and you don’t touch mine. Got it?”

I turn on my heel, flicking my ponytail over my shoulder. I couldn’t be arsed waiting for his response. I can’t imagine I’ll like it anyway.

“Fine,” he grumbles.

“And would it kill you to put the bloody toilet seat down?” I throw at him as I walk out the door.

His laughter echoes into the stairwell, right before the door slams shut.




 Author Bio
New Adult and erotic romance writer, and author of the Spark series. A sexy imagination, a life-long love of books and a sucker for romance, Jennifer Ryder couldn’t stifle her creativity any longer.

Writing steamy adult romance has become her new focus. Living on a rural property in New South Wales, Australia, she enjoys the best of city and country.

Her loving husband is ever willing to provide inspiration, and her two young cherubs, and sheep that don’t see fences as barriers, keep life more than interesting.

Jennifer placed third in the International Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013.

 Author Links


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Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench by Rich Leder

Something a little bit different for you today Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench is a bit of an unconventional romance novel about Mark Manilow’s journey to find himself again and the 3 woman that help him get there – the Juggler, the Porn Star and the Monkey Wrench. If you like a  romantic Hollywood sex comedy with a good dose of dry, sarcastic humour this one is for you!

Final-Final Juggler Cover 6_20


My name is Mark Manilow. I’m a LA screenwriter. Here’s my recipe for a cocktail called “Romantic Hollywood Sex Comedy.”

Start with my estranged wife, who left me two years ago to become a juggler.

Pour in my ensuing emotional tailspin.

Blend with a brutal case of writer’s block.

Mix with my last-gasp writing job, a ridiculous porn flick called Broken Boner.

Add in the Broken Boner porn star, who seduces me into an ill-fated partnership.

Throw in the gun-toting producer and eccentric Montecito billionaire, who hire me to adapt the phone book into a movie.

Combine with the return of my headaches and a trip to an ancient Chinese healer, where I meet the healer’s beguiling granddaughter—my monkey wrench.

Serve with wonderment as to whether or not I’ll find a way to settle things with the juggler, break it off with the porn star, and fall in love with the monkey wrench…or if anyone will stop laughing long enough to notice.


It’s been a long time since I’ve read something like this. I’ve been more of a straight up romance novel type of girl of late so it was nice to get back to something with intelligent humour and morals to the story.

Mark Manilow is a writer, one of the many out there, competing for his script to become reality. When his screenplay Full Force gets made into a motion picture his life couldn’t be better. He was happily married and was finally on track to be the next big writer. But when his film is never released for public viewing and instead locked away somewhere never to be seen again things start to go down hill. If his career taking a nose dive wasn’t enough his wife ups and lives him to live her dream of…well, being a juggler.

With a dying career, an absent wife and a father-in-law telling him the size of his genitalia is intimidating Mark is starting on a downward spiral of self destruction. What unfolds next can only be described as a journey of unbelievably crazy happenings. He tries his luck at writing porn, ends up living with a porn star who just won’t leave, an old Chinese guy tries to fix his brain and he learns to look at the Phone Book in a whole new light. Beneath all the crazy there is a lesson to be learned and by the end of it you’ll understand the title better!

Full of dry and sometimes dark humour Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench will entertain you from start to finish. I really enjoyed Mark’s relationship with the women featured in the book and also his family who added another level of humour to it all. The storyline with the Phone Book was also pretty epic! For a humourous, different kind of romance that balances the levels of emotion to fun perfectly, this is definitely one for you!

Read for yourself here…

Amazon US / UK

About Rich Leder

richlederHis screen credits include 18 produced television films for CBS, Lifetime, and Hallmark and feature films for Paramount Pictures, Tri-Star Pictures, and Left Bank Films.

He has written three funny novels to be released in 2014: McCall & Company: Workman’s Complication and McCall & Company: Swollen Identity and Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench.

He has been the lead singer in a Detroit rock band, a restaurateur, a Little League coach, a literacy tutor, a magazine editor, a writing coach, a commercial real estate agent, an indie film director, and a visiting artist for the University of North Carolina Wilmington Film Studies Department, among other things, all of which, it turns out, was grist for the mill.  He resides on the North Carolina coast with his awesome wife, Lulu, and is sustained by the visits home of their three college kids.

Connect With Rich

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Garrett by Sawyer Bennett

Having read and loved the first book in the series I was really excited to read about the infamous Garrett Samuelson! This is the second book in the Cold Fury Hockey series focusing on Alex’s best friend and teammate Garrett! Yay!


New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett hits the ice with the story of a playboy athlete whose winning ways lead him to a beautiful woman with a lot to lose.


Carolina Cold Fury star Garrett Samuelson never wants to miss out on a single minute of fun. Whether he’s playing hockey, hanging out with friends, or walking the red carpet with a new date on his arm, he lives every day to the fullest. When he meets Olivia Case, he sees someone who’s exactly his type—confident, sexy, smart . . . his next fling. But the more he pursues her, the more Garrett shares a side of himself that other women don’t normally get to see.

Olivia has been keeping a secret. While Garrett lives for the next thrill, Olivia’s not sure she’ll live to see the next day. She’s undergoing treatment for some serious medical issues, and she doesn’t have time for a relationship with no guarantees—especially one with a hot-as-sin womanizer who won’t take no for an answer. But as she gets to know the real Garrett, Olivia can’t help falling for him . . . hard. To reveal the truth would mean risking everything—but you can’t score without taking the tough shots.





My Review

I absolutely LOVE this series and Garrett certainly doesn’t disappoint! From the first book we learnt a little bit about Garrett – he’s Alex Crossman’s bestfriend, lives and breathes hockey and is definitely known as a lady’s man! Despite this you just know that when he gets his own book you’re going to fall in love with him – and trust me you will!

Olivia Case is our girl Sutton’s cousin, working in a fabulous florists with her very gay boss/bestie. Needing some fun in her life Sutton invites her to a hockey party which is where she meets the man himself Mr Garrett Samuelson. Their attraction is instant and Garrett is hooked, so you can imagine his dismay when Olivia says no to going out with him.

Little does he know Olivia has more on her plate than he realises…

Seen as its revealed right at the start of the book I think its ok for me to reveal that Olivia has just found out she has Follicular B-Cell Lymphoma – an incurable but very treatable form of cancer. After her appointment the day after first meeting Garrett she has mortality on her mind and decides that if she’s going to die she’s going to live her life to the max, starting with a bloody awesome one-night stand with Garrett.

But Garrett has other things in mind. Shortly after her rejection that first night Garrett realises that this girl is different and isn’t someone he wants as just another notch on his bed post – a feeling that’s only amplified after spending an incredible night with her.

When Olivia’s one-night stand becomes 2 nights, and then 3 she finds herself struggling with her treatment and the lies she’s telling Garrett.

When her cancer is finally revealed Garrett really steps up to the mark and becomes not only her lover but also her rock. Battling with her conscience Olivia struggles with her selfish need to keep Garrett around but her love for him wishes him a better life with a woman who isn’t on the verge of death. Knowing she would only break his heart if  she were to die she pushes him away and continues her fight alone.

Both of them heart broken they turn to their best-friends for support and when it comes down to it Olivia must ask herself one thing…

Yes she may die…but what if she lives?

Wow. Just Wow. This book is already one of my top reads of 2015 and its only February. Garrett Samuelson deserves the Best-Boyfriend-Ever badge that is for sure – my heart ached for him and for Olivia and his devotion and support to her was truly moving. This book has the rare quality of making me cry uncontrollably one minute and laughing my butt off the next – definitely the mark of something very special indeed!

Not only do we get some brilliant new characters including Garrett and Olivia but it also brings back Alex and Sutton, and I have to say Alex in this book? Bloody Brilliant. Some of the things he says to Garrett and Olivia were just epic and I fell in love with him all over again.

Garrett tackles the very sensitive topic of cancer so beautifully I think any survivor or anyone affected by this devastating disease would be proud to recommend it to a friend. It shows both sides of the story – of both the one fighting it themselves and those fighting for you – both of which are depicted so well.

But its not all sad and emotional – the romance side of the story is so brilliant I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Garrett myself. I mean I dare you to read this book and not fall even just a little bit for him! It’s damn near impossible I tell you! And the sexy scenes? Well they definitely don’t disappoint either 😉

Sexy, Romantic and Heart-Breakingly good, Garrett is truly a beautiful read that no one should miss out on.

 Read Garrett for yourself …


If you haven’t read the first book in the Cold Fury Hockey Series check out ALEX!


About Sawyer Bennett

New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett is a snarky Southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. Her husband works for a Fortune 100 company that lets him fly all over the world while she stays at home with their daughter and three big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Bennett would like to report that she doesn’t have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate. 

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The Billionaire Bargain 3 by Lila Monroe

 The time has finally come for the final part in Lila Monroe’s amazing series The Billionaire Bargain! I’ve loved every minute of this series and can’t believe it’s over! What am I going to do without any Grant Devlin in my life?



Last week I was in the penthouse with a sexy Australian billionaire. Now I’m back to Netflix Friday nights and leftover takeout. And it’s all my fault.

I’m the one who left the high life behind, and all because I couldn’t bring myself to go through with a sham marriage to my sexy boss Grant Devlin — because I went and fell in love with him for real.

I know, stupid.

Now he won’t talk to me, my job is hanging by a thread, and oh yeah, an evil plot to take over Devlin Media Corp means all my hard work could be for nothing. If we’re going to save the company, I need Grant’s help.

Help that doesn’t include hot sex in the copy room.

Wish me luck.


Links to Buy





After the massive cliff hanger from part 2 we know that Lacey has left Grant at the alter as she can’t face marrying the man she loves if it isn’t real. We rejoin her as she’s hiding out at her parents’. With rumours of her being dumped by Grant after finding out she’s only out for his money, Lacey doesn’t feel like coming out from her hidey-hole. That is until best friend Kate tells her to get her arse back to work.

Facing her fears she puts her big girl panties on and marches back into Devlin Media Corp like the endless gossiping and judging glances don’t bother her. And they don’t, until she sees Grant for the first time.

The Grant that stands before her isn’t the man she remembers – cold, angry and bitter he holds nothing but disdain towards Lacey now and makes work unbearable.

But when Lacey finds out the company is in danger, will the two of them be able to put their past behind them and save it together? And will Lacey ever reveal her true feelings to Grant?

I have to say this last instalment definitely didn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed the hostile takeover storyline and thought it was a brilliant way to bring our two main characters back into each other’s lives. Lacey’s sass is back in full force and Grant is charming the pants off of all of us yet again – I mean the elevator scene…the office…holy smokes every bloody where!!

Witty, Sexy and Drama-filled this is a fabulous end to an even more fabulous series!

Author Bio


Combining her love of writing, sex and well-fitted suits, Lila Monroe wrote The Billionaire Bargain. Lila enjoys writing, as it gives her a flexible schedule to spend time with her kids and a wonderful excuse to avoid them. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who strips out of his well-fitted suits nightly.


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Billionaire Bargain Part 2 by Lila Monroe

With the final part in the series being released soon I thought I’d post my review of part 2 in Lila Monroe’s Billionaire Bargain Series!


the billionaire bargain 2It was a deal made in the boardroom and sealed in the bedroom.

It all seemed so simple: I pretend to be his fianceé, his company share prices stabilize, and everyone wins. It’s all just for show.

So why does he keep kissing me? And why do I let him? Grant Devlin is the bane of my existence — not the man of my dreams. But now the lines are getting blurred, and between the kissing and the champagne (and did I mention the kissing?) I’m getting way too comfortable as the future Mrs Devlin.

Something’s got to give, and it better not be my self-control…

My Review

Lila Monroe definitely knows how to rock a cliff-hanger – I mean I was dying at the end of part 1 but after reading part 2 I’m positively salivating for the third book! Lila, you’re bloody amazing but how could you do this to me?! *Sigh* Anyways back to the review….

So at the end of book 1 Lacey faced a surprise marriage proposal from her rakish boss Grant Devlin. In part 2 of the series we re-join her right after his grand proposal and they’re swiftly trying to escape the press and fans. Of course on the way out they had to be congratulated by Grant’s Godmother Portia (aka Bitchy Ice Queen No.1) who makes her ill judgement towards Lacey very apparent.

Still in shock about the whole thing Lacey falls into a champagne induced sleep, not waking until the next afternoon when the events of the evening before hit her with full force. And even if they hadn’t her best friend Kate storming into her apartment and the big-ass diamond on her finger would have been a big enough clue.

Faced with the whirlwind that accompanies being engaged to the one and only Grant Devlin, Lacey’s first role as his fiancé is to suck it up and have lunch with the giant bitch that is Portia. She hasn’t even sat down before she starts to lay into her and bluntly tells her even though this wedding is a sham it will still be done completely how she wants and if Lacey wants to fit into her gown she better start watching what she eats! Once she’s saved by Grant and they make a quick escape the reality of what she’s doing really starts to set in.

Lavish engagement parties, jealous supermodel-lookalikes and a shit storm at work have now become her norm – those are things she can deal with. But her feelings? They were never part of the agreement. The plan was simple; be engaged for month, get married and divorce in the most civil, boring way possible. At no point was she meant to start to actually like, let alone fall in love, with her boss.

Having grown up dreaming of her perfect wedding to a man who loves her as much as she loves him, can Lacey go through with a wedding that is nothing more than a sham? Can she marry a man that sees her as nothing more than another PR stunt but she may have just fallen for?

The Billionaire Bargain Part 2 is a continuation of Grant and Lacey’s story and is again quite a short read (I finished it in about an hour) but despite it’s length I’m still begging for more! I still love Lacey as a character though I felt her sense of humour didn’t shine through as much as it did in part 1 which was a shame. Nevertheless hers and Grant’s banter is still entertaining and as always their chemistry is great!

Once again their is a cliff-hanger and I for one can’t wait to read what happens next! A series which just keeps on getting better, I’m now not-so-patiently waiting to find out whether Lacey will follow her heart…

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This Week’s Hot Reads

So Today I’ve decided to share what I’ve read throughout my week and my mini review of it. Enjoy!!

1. Opposition (A Lux Novel ) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is the last book in the Lux Series 😦 In the final epic battle between Luxen, Arum and Mankind, we finally get to know whether Katy and Daemon will have their happy ending – will they ever be free of Daedalus or the Luxen? And after the major cliffhanger at the end of the previous book where Katy is left with 2 Origins and a pregnant, slightly crazy, Hybrid after her Luxen family are pulled away by their invading kind – I was dying to know what happens. And I wasn’t disappointed – I mean how could you when Daemon Black is concerned?! One of my all time favourite series and a finale well worth the wait – 5 Stars ∗

2. Precarious (Jokers Wrath MC #1) by Bella Jewel

As a die-hard Bella Jewel fan I couldn’t wait to read this! At first set in a prison, Ash is working as a prison guard and is one of the best. When she hears a biker is coming in for shooting a family she’s intrigued to see what he’s like as she hasn’t really encountered one before. At first he won’t talk but she senses that there’s more to Krypt than meets the eye. But after being caught in the crossfire of his daring escape, Ash is taken by Krypt to his MC and hidden away. He’s a criminal, albeit a very hot one, and a murderer too, but he’s the only thing keeping her alive – the question is, will she be able to resist temptation when it’s just the two of them locked away in the mountains? I’m a big fan of MC books and this one didn’t disappoint me, it was gritty and HOT – and the storyline was awesome. Yet another 5 stars

3. Breathe With Me (With Me In Seattle #7) by Kristen Proby

The With Me In Seattle series has been going on for a while now, usually after 7 books I’d start to get a bit fed up but with each book focusing on a different couple as well as the gorgeous Williams and Montgomery men this series has had me coming back for more. In book 7, it’s Mark Williams’ turn after he’s reunited with his childhood sweetheart Meredith Summers. We know from previous books that Mark is a bit of a player, but we never really understood why. It turns out that whilst in high school he gave his heart away to Meredith, a hopeful dancer, but when it’s time for her to go off to dance school she ends things to focus on her career. After a painful event brings them together, can they forgive and forget and start a new life together? I love the characters in this series – they’re funny, relatable and so damn hot! I loved the book, but as it’s not my favourite story in the stories it has to be 4 stars

4. Sweet Fall (Sweet Home Series #3) by Tillie Cole     (ARC for Book Blog Tour)

This book I can’t talk too much about as I was given a review copy for my special review post next week as part of the official release book blog tour! This is Lexi and Austin’s story – we know from the previous books that Lexi is the gothic cheerleader and Cass’s best friend, and Austin is the tattooed bad boy of the Crimson Tide. Both of them have secrets – secrets that could kill them both. Lexi’s story is heart-breaking and I felt honoured to be reading something so personal to author Tillie Cole, who I think is nothing short of AMAZING by the way! With their problems trying to tear both of them apart and destroy their lives, can they finally find peace and save one another? This book is just something else, I think my heart broke at least a dozen times and I definitely cried a few times too! If I could fall in love with a book, this would definitely be the one!! I can’t wait for you all to read it when it’s released next week and stay tuned for my special review on Friday 29th. 5+ stars it’s so bloody good I had to add the + on – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

5. Loving Cara (Love Under The Big Sky #1) by Kristen Proby

As you can see from my reading list this week, my love for Kristen Proby had me coming back for more! Loving Cara is the story of small town teacher Cara and ranch hand Josh. Josh’s twin brother Zach is away with the army when his soon-to-be-ex-wife comes to the ranch to dump their teenage son Seth who she no longer wants. Seth is difficult and moody so Cara is hired to tutor him over the summer. Having gone to school together Cara and Josh waste no time getting to know one another again. After a series of events Cara and Josh find themselves stuck together and growing closer by the day, but is it really going to be that easy? A really sweet enjoyable read, perfect for the summer holidays but not particularly fast paced nor heart racing so 4 ½ stars +

So those were the books on my kindle this week – all of them are great reads and I’d definitely recommend you go and check them out! Stay tuned for the end of the week where I’ll tell you what I’ve been reading this week!

Have you read any of these? Or do you want to? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Sweet Rome by Tillie Cole (#2 Sweet Home Series)

As a follow up to my review of Sweet Home I thought I’d do a quick review of Sweet Rome the next book in the series, telling the original story from Rome’s point of view.


Sweet Rome by Tillie Cole

You met Romeo Prince in the Amazon & USA Today bestselling novel, Sweet Home. Now hear the story from his lips: unbarred, uncensored, and raw to the bone.

It makes me laugh when I hear folks think Molly and I rushed into things too fast, spouting that we couldn’t possibly have felt what we did for each other in such a short space of time. I say, how the hell would they know? We made it, didn’t we? She became my whole life, didn’t she? And as for my folks not being real, being true? Tell that to me aged ten, eleven, twelve—damn, all my bastard life—when I was never enough, when I was beaten until I bled for being too good at football and not being everything they’d dreamed: the perfectly dutiful son. Tell that to thousands of kids around the world getting wailed on by asshole parents for whatever stupid reason; tell them evil don’t exist in their eyes.

Fuck Romeo and Juliet. This is the story of me and my girl, from my lips. No mushy sentiment, no cheese, just the plain, hard truth, and, because I’m feeling generous, I’m going to let you in on more of our story too.

Sweet Rome is a New Adult Companion Novel to Sweet Home—contains adult content, sexual situations, and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up.


In Sweet Rome we revisit the original story found in the first book but this time around we get to read it from Rome’s point of view. As I’ve already described the main story in my previous review I thought I’d spend some time talking about what’s new and my opinions on it all. As you already know I’ve never been too keen on reading alternative POV books but I have to say that Sweet Rome managed to pull it off and keep me interested.

Molly and Rome’s story is one filled with such emotion and depth that reading it from Rome’s POV only added to the story and your emotions whilst reading it. Yes there are the inevitable repeated scenes and conversations you read in the first book but this time round you get to read Rome’s thoughts on each and feel the run of emotions he feels. The addition of these to the scenes keep them fresh and keep you engaged. There are also some bonus conversations thrown in which were an added bonus!

The first time I read this story I was, quite frankly, an emotional wreck, but after reading it again from Rome’s POV with his depth of emotion and pain it was utterly heart breaking. I fell in love with Rome in the first book but I still managed to fall harder after reading this one! You feel his pain, despair and heart ache – but at the same time you also feel his joy and happiness when he finally finds his happy ending.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again Rome’s parents are just so horrendous – the way they treat Rome is completely devastating and when Molly miscarries their baby because of Rome’s mum….those scenes are hard to read without watery eyes, especially as you now get Rome’s take on it all. This book is just packed with so many emotions, with the addition of Rome’s feelings it’s heart breaking. At the end of the book there are some extra scenes from Molly and Rome’s future which I really loved! I’ve always been a sucker for finding out where a character’s future is going and I was so happy we got to read Rome’s happily ever after with his Molly Juliet.

Sweet Home left me an emotional wreck yet still salivating for more, but Sweet Rome? A whirlwind of emotion, packed full of heart ache, steamy scenes and a leading man who will ruin you for all book boyfriends – it’s a deep, swoon worthy, full on sobbing and laugh out loud tale which will leave you reeling for weeks after reading it. And Romeo Prince? If you don’t fall madly in love with this romantic hunk of muscle there is clearly something wrong with you!!

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Don’t forget Tillie is releasing Sweet Fall, the third book in the series, at the end of August! Stay tuned to hear all the latest news about the release….