All That’s Left to Hold Onto by Ella Fox

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Letting go is all Ronan’s ever known. Will he realize a life with Keely is something he should hold onto at any cost?

Find out in All That’s Left to Hold Onto by Ella Fox!

all that's left to hold



When Ronan Sharpe unexpectedly left Colorado for parts unknown, he took a piece of Keely Carmichael’s heart with him.

After leaving his hellish roots behind him, Ronan found contentment when he started over. Thoughts of the past had been pushed down for so long; he hardly thought about it at all.

He intended to keep it that way.

When unexpected circumstances force Ronan to return to Colorado, the Keely he finds is no longer the adolescent girl he remembered. Torn between desire and fear, Ronan struggles with his feelings for Keely and his need to escape the town that scarred him so deeply years ago.

Letting go is all Ronan’s ever known. Will he realize a life with Keely is something he should hold onto at any cost?


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When Ronan left Colorado he never intended to come back, much to Keely’s heartache. Once he got in his car he never looked back until he found somewhere new to settle down. Years later he had never thought about heading back home but when an unexpectedly phone call asks him to go back he can’t stay away.

The Keely he remembers, the young sweet girl who was the only person he’d ever thought of since he’d left, was long gone. In her place was a beautiful young woman, one who he can’t stop thinking about. But he can’t think of her like that. She’s younger than him, has her whole life ahead of her, he can’t be with her like that.

But their circumstances have changed, and now they have something, or rather someone, bringing them together. Will Ronan give in and keep his little family together?

My review for this book is a bit shorter than normal but that’s only because I don’t want to spoil this FABULOUS story for you! I absolutely LOVE this book and both Ronan and Keely. Especially Ronan, I mean who wouldn’t love him?! Their story is sweet, heartbreaking, colourful, dramatic and above all UNMISSABLE! Prepare to fall in love with these two just as much as I did!!

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There were nasty looking bruises on his cheek and jaw, his lip was swollen and his knuckles were scraped and bloody. The instant I got a good look at his face I knew something was horribly wrong. It only went downhill from there.

My attempts to contain my panic weren’t working. Choking back a sob I blubbered, “Why do you have to go?”

The anger was all but pouring off of him. Not toward me—he’d never once been angry with me. I knew anger though, and it was more than obvious he was furious about something. A permanent grimace seemed to have set up camp on his face. For him, it was highly unusual. Even in the toughest of times, he kept his cool.

Suddenly, he wasn’t calm at all. He was angrier than I’d ever seen him. It was obvious he’d been in a fight, but it didn’t change his status as the most attractive guy alive, in my opinion.

I saw his jaw clenching and unclenching which I figured meant he was trying to control himself.

“Because this piece of shit town is like a fucking cancer,” he spat. “I’m so done with the crazy assholes around here. People like us aren’t normal—we’re the freaks for trying to be good people.”

I didn’t know how to argue with his words. He wasn’t wrong—there was a lot wrong with many of the people in our town. Most of the crazy people were either my family members or his. I knew it and so did he. There wasn’t a response to erase the reality of the kind of people we dealt with.

“Are you going alone?”

His hands clenched into fists at his sides as he nodded stiffly. “Yes.”

“Even though you live with—”

His hand shot up into a stop gesture to keep me from finishing the sentence.

“Don’t say her fucking name. If I never hear it again, it’ll be too soon. I don’t live with that crazy bitch anymore.”

I couldn’t stand her so it wasn’t like I was going to push. She was an evil troll. If he had to go, I was glad he wasn’t taking her with him. It would’ve made me ill. She pretended to be sweetness and light when he was around but it was nothing but a charade. She was terrible. I was glad he wasn’t taking her, but the fact he wouldn’t say her name told me his leaving was somehow her responsibility. I hated her more than ever.

“Where will you go?”

He gestured back over his shoulder toward the street with his thumb.

“Wherever my car takes me once I pull out,” he said.

I couldn’t imagine life without him, nor did I want to. Not only had he been my crush for as long as I could remember, he was the only person who ever really listened to me.

“Will you ever visit?” I asked hopefully.

He was shaking his head in the negative before I’d even fully finished asking the question. I knew he wouldn’t. The bone-deep hatred he had for everything about where we lived was stamped all over his face. I wanted so badly to know what, exactly, had sent him over the edge, but when I asked, he’d refused to tell me.

It sucked being fourteen because he treated me like a kid. My age said I was a child, but I was so different than any of my peers it wasn’t even funny. Because of this, they teased me often, referring to me as Granny Carmichael. I hated it. It wasn’t as though I’d had a choice. My childhood was over the moment my mother got sick.

His expression softened when he looked me over. “You need to get back inside before you get pneumonia.”

The frigid Colorado air wasn’t even making an impression on me until he pointed it out. I realized my tears were leaving cold trails on my face, but I couldn’t walk away. All I cared about was how much I didn’t want him to leave.

“I don’t care about the cold or getting pneumonia. I don’t want you to go!” I cried anxiously.

He hugged me then, his strong arms wrapping around me to give comfort. I hadn’t hugged him since I’d been much younger—probably five or six. Those hugs had mostly involved me wrapping myself around one of his legs. This was different. I wrapped my arms tight around him and cried against his chest, holding on for as long as he allowed me to.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he ended the embrace and stepped back. “I have to leave.”

Knowing my denial and resistance weren’t going to make any difference, I swiped at my tears as I nodded.

“I’ll miss you,” I said on a choked sob. “Take care of yourself.”

“I’ll miss you too,” he replied softly. “You’re one of the few good people here.”

My heart galloped in my chest. I loved him for saying what he did—but hated that it came at such a horrible price. Losing him was unbearable.

He turned as if to leave, then stopped. Spinning back my way, he stared at me intently for a few moments before he spoke again.

“You’re so much better than any of these people. Don’t ever let them change who you are. The world needs a lot more you and a lot less them. No matter what anyone tells you—you’re perfect. Got it?”

I nodded as I wiped at the tears running unchecked down my face.

He hugged me again, very briefly. My heart skipped a few beats when he dropped a kiss on top of my head.

“Don’t ever forget your worth—not even for a minute,” he murmured.

When he let go, he said nothing else. He just turned and walked to his car. As he went, the chill in the air suddenly took hold of me. Hugging my arms around myself, I watched as he got into the car, turned it on and then pulled out of my driveway. He looked at me one last time before putting his hand up in a goodbye gesture. I did the same. A few seconds passed before he put the car in drive then sped off into the night.

I stayed outside for two or three minutes, hoping against hope he would change his mind and come back.

He didn’t.

Hours later when I got into bed, I prayed fate would bring him back one day. I said the same prayer most nights for a long, long time. Eventually I had no choice but to accept reality.

Hell would freeze over before he returned.


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About the Author


ella fox bioElla Fox writes like a woman possessed whenever she gets the chance! She is the author of The Hart Family Series, The Renegade Saints Series and The Catch Series.

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country. Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh. Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.

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Catch & Release (Catch #2) by Ella Fox

Ella Fox is definitely one of my favourite authors so when I saw the chance to read this new release I was all over it in seconds! Catch & Release is book 2 in the Catch series.

catch and release


Love endures all things.

Darby McKenzie’s heart started beating funny the day that she met Trace Chamberlain. She was four, he was five, and that meeting altered the course of both their lives forever.

Trace was born into a nightmare. Before meeting Darby and her family, the only love he ever knew was that of his twin brother. The two of them endured years of abuse that left scars. The permanent kind.

For Trace, meeting Darby was like catching a rainbow. She exploded into his life in a pop of Technicolor that awakened his senses. She wasn’t just his best friend—she was his life. His touchstone, his safety, his heart—she was everything.

Darby had been through it all with Trace and her love for him never wavered for a second. But no amount of love could make Trace believe that he was worthy of her. Knowing that she deserved better, Trace pushed her away, when what he really wanted was to pull her closer. Emotionally destroyed and bitter from the back and forth, Darby finally let go and decided to move on.

Sometimes hitting rock bottom is the only way to understand that you need to change. Realizing that losing Darby means losing everything, Trace knew it was time to man up and fight for the girl he loved.

Is it too late for Darby and Trace to have a happily ever after?

**Content Warning: This isn’t a book about an Alpha male. In fact, the Hero in this story isn’t Trace, it’s Darby. If the idea of the female being the strong one bothers you, this isn’t your kind of book.**

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♥ ♥ ♥


Oh this book!! It’s just so heart-breaking and utterly beautiful! I consumed every page in one sitting, I just couldn’t tear myself away! Ella Fox has most definitely done it again! And this time our leading lady as the hero of the story –  an absolutely brilliant read!

When Darby moves to a new house with her family she wasn’t convinced. At four years old she could already hold her own but when her parents introduced her to the twin boys who had come to see her big brother everything changed. Both of them seemed so sad but it was Trace who made her heart beat funny. Every day she made it her job to make them smile, whether that meant she had to tell jokes or do something silly she was determined to make them happy.

Trace has endured years of torture at home, if you can even call it a home. Spending as much time as he and his brother can at Darby’s house they finally experience the love of a family. Though he loves all of the McKenzie’s, it’s Darby who has his attention. Walking into his life and filling it with laughter and colour again she means everything to him.

The twins go through some horrific events which change everything and Trace takes it hard. Darby becomes his rock, his life-line. But when things become to much he pushes her away. Darby has stood by him through every heart-break, every meltdown but how much longer can she continue to catch him if he’s always letting go?

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can look back up and realise just what you’ve lost. Will Trace be able to pick himself back up and get Darby back once and for all before it’s too late?

This book took me on a true emotional roller-coaster. Trace’s journey is a true battle against himself and everything he has ever been told. Ella Fox really makes you feel everything that he does and you will break right along with him. I loved his relationship with Darby and the rest of the McKenzie’s. A true love story where a woman’s love will stand the test of every heartbreak, every scar and every fall – how she will always be there to catch him. A book which will definitely pull on every one of your heartstrings, prepare yourself for all the feels!

Read it for yourself here…

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About Ella Fox

Ella Fox is the USA Today Bestselling Author of Consequences of Deception, The Hart Family series & many other sexy and exciting books.

Ella is an avid reader, lover of music and all around goofball. She grew up loving to read. That’s not surprising considering the fact that her mom is USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday!

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country. Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh. Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.

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Strictly Temporary Volumes 1 & 2 by Ella Fox

So I’ve finally handed in all my University reports and can FINALLY post my review of this amazing series!

Strictly Temporary Volume 1

strictly temporary 1


Just a Small Towne girl…

Raised on fairytales and dreams of true love, Arden Winger left for college with a smile on her face and a happy, hopeful heart. Fast-forward seven years and that small town is behind her, but not the baggage she’s been carrying since she left.

Just a city boy…

It’s not that Exton Alexander had anything against relationships—he just never had the desire to try. Not necessarily jaded, Exton considered himself a realist. Little did he know, the one woman that would change everything was about to rock his world. This Alpha male knows the second he lays eyes on her that Arden is special– now he just has to work past her defenses.

Strictly Temporary is Volume One. Volume Two will arrive in February. Arden & Exton’s story will be resolved in book two- but the temporary series will continue after that with different characters.


Before I begin…

WARNING: this book contains a cliffhanger that will leave you frustrated and begging for more – wearing a hole in the carpet from pacing is expected. If you can’t handle the sexual tension and anticipation about what happens next I suggest you wait for book 2 to read the story in all its glory. Or you can be as impatient as me and read part 1 anyway despite knowing about the cliffy at the end & join me in my struggle.

PS. A drawer of new panties is required for all scenes including Exton Alexander….

So this is my second review as Goodreads accidentally deleted half of my first so here goes review 2.0 …

OMG THIS BOOK!! I absolutely loved the Hart series – I mean Dante and Sabrina?!! AAAHH! So when I saw this book I one-clicked instantly!

Arden used to dream about perfect fairytales and loved to read romance books filled with HEAs. But after a childhood filled with misery and daily bullying her belief in fairytales is slowly diminishing. After moving away from her old town to escape her daily torment she starts a new life, hoping to finally find some peace…but plans never do go right do they?

When one of her old bullies comes back for her she’s reluctant to believe his kind words but after weeks of attention she finally gives in. Little did she know that would be the worst mistake of her life.

Years later, Arden has lost all belief in fairytales and HEAs. Now working for Dante and Sabrina at Hart she’s finally made some real friends and found a life for herself. Except she doesn’t trust anyone and her heart is firmly guarded.

When Exton Alexander, one of Dante’s bestfriend’s, makes his appearance she’d have to be dead not to feel the pull between them. Charming and panty-melting Exton is lusted after by every woman in the city but at the moment there’s only one girl he’s seeing – Arden.

With Exton determined to make Arden his and Arden determined to keep him at arm’s length the two begin a battle of wills. Arden knows his type and won’t open herself up to more heartbreak. But she wasn’t prepared for Exton’s determination, nor how insanely hot he is ( 😉 ), and the struggle to keep him away becomes harder and harder.

Will she be able to let him in and find her happily ever after?

Wow Exton Alexander!! What a panty-melter! Him and the Hart boys are truly something to be reckoned with! And Arden – gosh I love her! Her past was truly horrendous and I really felt for her situation – the way Exton builds her back up again and earns her trust is brilliant and I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two of them.

Absolutely CAN NOT WAIT until book 2! What a cliff hanger! Definitely a must read – add to your TBR right NOW!

Read Volume 1 for yourself here…

Amazon UK / US

Strictly Temporary Volume 2


strictly temporary v2


Arden Winger stopped believing in fairytales and true love a long time ago.

Exton Alexander breached her defenses, but when a blast from the past rocked Arden’s world, she panicked.

Is a happily ever after in their future?

Strictly Temporary is the second and final part of Arden & Exton’s story


After the stinker of a cliff-hanger at the end of Part 1 I was salivating for more! And now we finally get to find out what happens next!!

Arden was just letting herself feel truly happy again with a guy who just seems too good to be true. The perfect mix of unbelievably sexy and protective alpha male Exton is chipping away at the walls she erected around her heart and though she’s scared, she couldn’t be happier. When her horrendous past comes back to haunt her yet again her first instinct is to run – even if that leaves Exton behind.

What’s great about part 2 is we get to go back through previous events but from Exton’s POV – I mean who wouldn’t want to spend some time in Exton’s head?!! Once we’ve gone through the events from part 1 we re-join Exton and his pursuit of Arden. With the knowledge that her childhood bullies aren’t finished with her yet, her feelings of embarrassment, hurt and shame all come back in spades and her desire to run clouds her judgement.

Exton is determined to protect what’s his – no matter the cost, but will he be able to win back the girl and piece her back together again? Arden lost her belief in fairytales a long time ago but with her very own Prince Charming standing in front of her, and a little Princess whispering in her ear, will she take the chance and believe again?

This book – WOW!! I love the Harts and this definitely hasn’t changed after reading this – I mean Dante and Sabrina’s daughter? So Cute!! Exton is of course all kinds of yummy in his alpha, protective sexiness that’s just pure Exton Alexander. He makes Arden’s dreams come true and it makes for a beautiful read. What a guy! I’m so happy Arden got her HEA and of course to hear more about my favourite book family, the Harts!

Strictly Temporary has been an emotional, gripping and God damn HOT read, with heartache and scorching chemistry. The Hart men are in a league of their own, and with Exton joining their ranks they’re pretty damn irresistible! If you want to read a fairytale romance but with all the juicy bits left in you will fall head over heels for this!

Read Volume 2 for yourself here…

Amazon UK / US