Engage by Evelyn Harper

Another new author for us today – Evelyn Harper is the author of The Engage Series the first book of which being Engage. In this series we meet two different couples whose stories are told side by side in the same book.



Two stories. One unforgettable message about finding love.

Amanda & Mathis

Just like that, he was gone.

Amanda Taylor knows that young love doesn’t always have a happy ending.

One summer in her teens, Amanda met and fell for Mathis Côté. Every moment they spent together was an exhilarating and beautiful dream. Love never felt so real. But as the summer ended, so did their time together. Mathis left with no explanation or reason and never spoke to her again.

Now, many years later, Amanda has grown past their brief time together, certain that she will never see Mathis again. However, when Amanda’s uncle dies, she is left an inheritance with a catch: Mathis Côté must be the one who trains her to take over her uncle’s wealth.

The new Mathis has become cold and distant. His years apart from Amanda have changed him into an arrogant wealthy man with an endless stream of women fighting for his attention.

Even though Amanda has contained her feelings from the past, she can’t help but try to find out about the man Mathis has become. As she slowly unravels the mystery behind his past, she uncovers a secret that may put both of their lives in danger.

Jennifer & Philip

When Jennifer looks in the mirror, she can barely recognize herself. An abusive relationship transformed a woman with a promising future into a lonely broken soul. For the past three years she has tried desperately to forget her pain, but her wounds still haunt her. She has learned to never give her heart away.

Now, as Jennifer struggles to piece her life back together, she meets one man who could change everything.

Philip Haas is a self-made man who always gets what he wants. He’s the epitome of wealth, power, and sex. Despite his incredible wealth and seductive personality, his life has not been as easy as it appears.

When they share a night of passion, more questions than answers arise. Does Philip truly care for her, or is he just using her body?

Just when it seems like the answers are in sight, Philip’s past resurfaces to threaten their relationship. Will he overcome his past for Jennifer or will it tear them apart?

This is volume one of a three part mature new adult romance series (readers 18+).

Previously released separately as Cause and Fall into Him.


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This is an unusual read in the fact that it features two different couples, who don’t appear to be connected, with their individual stories being told in alternating chapters. I wasn’t sure about this at first but it strangely works quite well and I enjoyed the different dynamics both stories brought.

So firstly Amanda & Mathis’ story. Amanda is just a normal accountant trying to pay her bills and make it through each day. When a close family member dies she’s devastated but is touched when she hears she’s been included in his will. Going along to the reading of the will the last thing she’s expecting to hear is that she’s been left her uncle’s life’s work and the large sum of money that accompanies it. Stunned she starts dreaming of the life she could now have – pursue the dream she’s always had but never been able to do. But there’s a catch – she has to learn how to manage what her uncle left her.

Enter Mathis, her uncle’s apprentice and the man she fell for when they were just teenagers. She hasn’t seen him in years but now she faces weeks of after hours meetings with him. But he isn’t the man she remembers – he’s cold towards her, unfeeling and acts as if their past doesn’t exist. Amanda knows that somewhere beneath the arrogant billionaire façade there’s the boy she used to know but Mathis is hiding something, something which could be fatal for both of them. Will she get through to him before it’s too late?

Now for Jennifer & Philip. Jennifer has had an abusive past but is now working in a well known hotel behind the desk. Late one night she sneaks out from behind the desk to play the piano, not knowing she has an audience. When she’s caught by a handsome stranger she couldn’t be more mortified, that was until he propositioned her. Having never done something like this before she decides to follow him upstairs, not seeing the harm in one night of passion.

The next day she sneaks out hoping to put the night behind her. But her handsome stranger has other plans. Jennifer’s life changed overnight, now spending her days flying across the globe and making a name for herself. But she can’t help but wonder – has Philip done this because of her professional skills or the ones she holds in the bedroom?

I really enjoyed both couples’ stories – each with their separate dramas and passionate tales. Both Philip and Mathis are the typical arrogant billionaire types with a tonne of secrets about their pasts. We’ve only been given a hint as what these may be and I’m intrigued to see what these boys have to hide. As for Amanda & Jennifer they’re both great leading ladies and I can’t wait to read the rest of their stories!

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