Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench by Rich Leder

Something a little bit different for you today Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench is a bit of an unconventional romance novel about Mark Manilow’s journey to find himself again and the 3 woman that help him get there – the Juggler, the Porn Star and the Monkey Wrench. If you like a  romantic Hollywood sex comedy with a good dose of dry, sarcastic humour this one is for you!

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My name is Mark Manilow. I’m a LA screenwriter. Here’s my recipe for a cocktail called “Romantic Hollywood Sex Comedy.”

Start with my estranged wife, who left me two years ago to become a juggler.

Pour in my ensuing emotional tailspin.

Blend with a brutal case of writer’s block.

Mix with my last-gasp writing job, a ridiculous porn flick called Broken Boner.

Add in the Broken Boner porn star, who seduces me into an ill-fated partnership.

Throw in the gun-toting producer and eccentric Montecito billionaire, who hire me to adapt the phone book into a movie.

Combine with the return of my headaches and a trip to an ancient Chinese healer, where I meet the healer’s beguiling granddaughter—my monkey wrench.

Serve with wonderment as to whether or not I’ll find a way to settle things with the juggler, break it off with the porn star, and fall in love with the monkey wrench…or if anyone will stop laughing long enough to notice.


It’s been a long time since I’ve read something like this. I’ve been more of a straight up romance novel type of girl of late so it was nice to get back to something with intelligent humour and morals to the story.

Mark Manilow is a writer, one of the many out there, competing for his script to become reality. When his screenplay Full Force gets made into a motion picture his life couldn’t be better. He was happily married and was finally on track to be the next big writer. But when his film is never released for public viewing and instead locked away somewhere never to be seen again things start to go down hill. If his career taking a nose dive wasn’t enough his wife ups and lives him to live her dream of…well, being a juggler.

With a dying career, an absent wife and a father-in-law telling him the size of his genitalia is intimidating Mark is starting on a downward spiral of self destruction. What unfolds next can only be described as a journey of unbelievably crazy happenings. He tries his luck at writing porn, ends up living with a porn star who just won’t leave, an old Chinese guy tries to fix his brain and he learns to look at the Phone Book in a whole new light. Beneath all the crazy there is a lesson to be learned and by the end of it you’ll understand the title better!

Full of dry and sometimes dark humour Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench will entertain you from start to finish. I really enjoyed Mark’s relationship with the women featured in the book and also his family who added another level of humour to it all. The storyline with the Phone Book was also pretty epic! For a humourous, different kind of romance that balances the levels of emotion to fun perfectly, this is definitely one for you!

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About Rich Leder

richlederHis screen credits include 18 produced television films for CBS, Lifetime, and Hallmark and feature films for Paramount Pictures, Tri-Star Pictures, and Left Bank Films.

He has written three funny novels to be released in 2014: McCall & Company: Workman’s Complication and McCall & Company: Swollen Identity and Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench.

He has been the lead singer in a Detroit rock band, a restaurateur, a Little League coach, a literacy tutor, a magazine editor, a writing coach, a commercial real estate agent, an indie film director, and a visiting artist for the University of North Carolina Wilmington Film Studies Department, among other things, all of which, it turns out, was grist for the mill.  He resides on the North Carolina coast with his awesome wife, Lulu, and is sustained by the visits home of their three college kids.

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